Thursday, April 29, 2010

2 Braids to Updo

I started by making 2 diagonal frenchbraids that go back to the crown of her head.
Once the braids are secured with elastics I pulled the sides of her hair out of the way with a clip.
Now pull the 2 ends of the braids and secure together with an elasic in the center of the hair you have in the clip.  The hair left down is going to hide the elastics.
Pull up the both sides as shown below.
Secure both the sides in the center of her head with an elastic *Shown Below*
Now take all the hair into a ponytail form and twist it upward.  I secured her twist with a lot of bobby pins.  I also asked her if the twist felt tight, I kept adding bobby pins until she said it felt tight. 

Question #6

*Question 6*
A question was left for this adorable hairstyle.  She wanted to know how do you wrap the hair around the ponytail and hold it? Do you just tuck it into the rubberband?

Answer:  I usually use clear rubber bands and also bobby pins.  It depends on the style and how wild her hair is on that day.  For this style I just used the bobby pins.  I made several wraps around the ponytail and then took the ends under the ponytail and stuck the bobby pin straight into her hair this way you can't see the bobby pin.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Toddler Knots to Pigtails

This hairstyle did not turn out how I had imagined it.  With toddlers I guess that is normal 
Her hair is so thin that the knots didn't look as good as I had wanted.

I started by pulling the front part of her hair and tied a knot.  Then I made a 2nd knot just behind the first.  Because of how thin her hair is I had to secure the ends of both knots with an elastic.  That is why there is an elastic in the middle of the 2 pigtials.
Once the knots are secured I pulled the remaining hair into side pigtails.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Updo With Tiara

Braids to Ponytail

It is getting really hot around our part of the world.  My older daughter hates to sweat weird I know so we were going to spend the day at the park and here is the up hairstyle we came up with.
I started in the middle of her head and made a triangle part and made a simple braid all the way down to the ends and secured with an elastic. 
Once the center braid is made make 4 more braids 2 on each side of the center braid. 
Below is a picture of the top 3 braids.
Then pull all the hair and braids into a ponytail as shown below.
Then wrap the braids around the ponytail and secure the ends with a bobby pin.
Below is a side view of her hair.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Toddler simple twist

We have been on vacation that is the reason for the lack of posts lately. 
My toddler has a sensative head and regularly asks for simple hairstyles with no elastics. 
A simple twist across the front of her head and curled the rest under. 

**NOTE** If any of you have noticed our recent shortness in the bangs this is what happens when a toddler moves while getting her bangs cut.  At least she looks good with what we call the Katy Perry bangs. 

Question #5

Question #5 is this  "is there anyway i can do that on myself, i tried, its hard"
This hair style is much easier when someone else can do the braid.  However it is possible.  I have to make sure my hair is wet when I start.  Then I take a pillow and lay it on a counter to place my head on.  The hardest part is controlling the hair because it wants to lay over where you are working.  This is the reason for placing my head on the pillow.  You want as much hair out of your way as possible.  I hope this helps you will also want to practice a couple of times.  I think it took me several tries the first time to get it right.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Poof to Ponytail

There are so many times my daughters asks for a quick hairstyle so this took us seconds. 
I made a simple poof keeping her bangs out of her face.  Then pulled the rest of the hair into a ponytail.
I finished it off by wrapping the ponytail with her hair. 

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Real Bride: Upswept, Sideswept

This is a romantic style in which curls are swept into a cascade of tendrils with a veil.

This photo is courtesy of Naija Wed N More

Monday, April 19, 2010


Over the weekend, it was senior ball & a darling girl in my ward asked if I would help her with her hair. Her hair is short - above the shoulders & she said she usually wears it down. So we immediately thought let's change it up & see if we can pull it all up. I can't take all the credit for this. My very creative sister happened to be over & was more than happy to help. & guess what? She wore it to church the next day & it still looked perfect!!

Sorry I didn't post step by step directions but it's pretty easy. You could actually do this on long or fine hair too. (my pictures are backwards & I'm of course too lazy to switch:)

We waved the hair all over with a 3 barrel iron. Then twisted the bangs & pinned them back. Next, starting at the oppiste side her bangs were at, we started twisting the hair, strands at a time & securing each strand with a bobby pin (these bobby pins are visible - if you have thicker or longer hair - you could hide them better) Continue twisting strands until all the hair is up. This kept all those baby hairs underneath secured nicely all night long.

We kind of poofed the top so you could see the wave & it looked more full. We finished with a loose bun from the ends left over & added a cute flower. How easy to do on yourself even? & we didn't use any elastics - only some good ol' hairspray & bobby pins.

Of course - pictures never do it justice.

& BTW - thanks for all the birthday wishes to my girlie!! You guys are all so sweet!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Opposite Rolls to Ponytail

*NOTE* To make the rolls below it is very similar to a braid but you use 2 strands and only pick up hair from one side. 
Start making the first roll from the a far lateral part (only roll up new hair across the front of her face).  Roll the hair enough that it will reach a ponytail.
Make the 2nd roll lateral to the first.  Start the second roll where you ended picking up hair from the first roll.  Roll the 2nd one long enough it will reach a ponytail too.
Pull all the hair except the rolls into a ponytail.
Take both the rolled hair and wrap them around the ponytail  I secured it with bobby pins.

this girlie of mine

is FIVE years old today!! & since she is the main attraction of my blog & sits so patiently while I do her hair I had to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Love her to death!! & love that she will not leave the house without her hair done. All girlie girl. She's the one who has made this blog possible. All thanks to her.
I may be a little bias but isn't she just so beautiful?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Inspired by Lady Gaga

I started by making a poof in the front of her hair.  (We did this because she is still trying to grow out her bangs)
Make a french braid from the front near her ear all the way to the center back of her head.  Do this on both sides as shown below.  *Leave the poof and a small amount of hair below the poof out of the braid for now.*
Below shows both the french braids secured together and the hair left out. 
Now combine all the hair into a ponytail shown below.
Seperate the ponytail into 2 sections of hair.  Take the right side and make a loop leaving the ends to hang down towards her neck we will use this hair to wrap the center.
Do the same thing to the left side.  I secured the loop with bobby pins.
Now take the ends from the loops and pull them up around the center of the 2 loops.  Secure these with bobby pins as well.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Roll Crazy

I started with the front roll first and if your daughter is like mine I had to hold it with elastics to make sure the roll was tight.  *Note* I did the rolls similar to a braid but with 2 strands adding a new piece of hair as you roll.  Make 2 more rolls parallel to the first. 
Do the same thing to the other side as show below you will have a total of 6 rolls.
I left 1 small piece of hair out of a ponytail on both sides.  All the rest of the hair put into a high ponytail. 
Take the hair you left down and pull it around the ponytail.  This is done to both sides. 
Take small amounts of hair from the ponytail and twist them until they curl up.  Secure them with bobby pins.
I made a total of 4 twists in the ponytail.  (you can do more or less depending on how much hair your daughter has.)
Back view below.