Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Double Angel Braid Headband

Start along one side of her face and make an angel braid.  This is a braid where you only pick up hair from one side.  I pulled the hair from the front of her face as shown below.
Next make a parallel angel braid as shown below.  Do this to both sides of her head. 
 Below is a picture of the other side of her head as well.
 Take all 4 ends of the braids and pull them to the bottom, back of her neck and secure them together with an elastic.
 Below is a top view of the finished hairstyle.

messy bun...for the longer & thicker hair

I've had people ask how to do their girlie's hair in a messy bun once it gets so long & thick. Honestly - I'm not lovin' messy buns with my girlie's hair lately. Her hair is too long for them but time's come a calling when we are in a rush & they still are the fastest thing for me to do. This is a good example - normally - I don't like to do messy buns on one pony tail - it's just way too heavy...she'll even tell me her head is heavy on those days:) So if I do it in 2 pigtails - they usually look nicer & aren't quite so heavy.

So here you have your pony tail you want to make into a messy bun.
Pull it up 1/2 thru & secure with elastic
This is the secret right here: do the exact same thing as that first step. Fold the hair in half again & secure with elastic.
Then depending on the look I'm going for, I will add bobby pins to give it a more messy look - or use rubber bands & do the messy look I've always done. It's that second step that is helpful for those with longer hair.
Here's a front view
Hope that helps. There are some other ways that I also do that I will post later.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

How to Make a Poof

I recently got asked how I do my daughters poof.  I am going to attempt to explain
With my oldest daughter we often times just pull her hair back and use the bobby pins to push the poof forward.  I also use a straight end comb (rat tail comb) and put it evenly under a small layer of hair in the front and pull slightly.   This smooth out the hair and poofs it up.
However if we want a bigger poof.  This is the trick we use.
 Start by making your parts and pull the rest of the hair out of your way.

Next make a part in the center of your hair for the poof.  Move the hair across the front of her face out of the way for a moment.
Then pull the back half of the hair into an elastic and push it forward and secure with bobby pins.  **If you criss cross the bobby pins they say in much better.

Now take the front piece of hair and comb it over the poof and secure it with bobby pins.  If your daughters hair is too thin to stay with just bobby pins use an elastic and then use the bobby pins to push the hair forward.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Poof with Small Braids

Start by making a poof in the front center of her head.
 Along each side of the poof take a small amount of hair and make a braid.
 Wrap the braids around the ponytail holder and secure it with bobby pins.
 Below is the side view of her hair.
 The back view

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dandy Giveaways and More

Dandy Giveaways and More has featured The Wright Hair on their site http://www.dandygiveaway.com/?p=1261 everyone should check out their fun site.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Braids to Messy Bun

Start with the bangs pulled back into a poof.
                                                 Make 1 small french braid along the poof.
Then make a 2nd french braid parallel to the first.  As shown below do this to both sides of her head. 
The top of her head with the poof and braids is shown below.
                                                        Then pull all the hair into a ponytail.
Make a messy bun with the ponytail.

                                            Below is a side view of the braids and messy bun.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Beyonce's Updo

Looking for something out-of-the-ordinary? This updo features striking color, large pin-curls and a gold hair ornament.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Formal Side-Swept Hairdo

As worn by actress Melanie Fiona

my last variation on the rolled braided flower

Who doesn't love wearing these darling rolled flower headbands? {which are super easy to make btw - if you're ever wanting to learn just google them & step by step instructions will show up} This is my last post on the rolled braided flower for hair - for those of you who are sick of seeing this flower!! I've been meaning to post this forever - & I'm really excited to. There are so many ways you can wear the rolled braided flower & this is just another fun way. Also - for those of you whose girls don't like keeping the headbands in all day, {ahem} mine, this is a perfect way to do a foe head band
Do the rolled braid just like we've done in the previous post {if you haven't seen it - scroll down to get instructions - it's just a few posts before this} I then did another smaller one next to it, doing the exact same thing. For the third one, I just did it smaller, between the already there flowers. I tried to overlap it as much as possible over the 2 flowers to make it look close together & it looks better. **When I say smaller - I mean make the braid smaller - not quite as thick.
The finished look. We kept the rest of the hair down. It turned out super cute & was really fun. People actually noticed that it looked like the flower headbands!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Pinned Updo with Middle Part

Here is an updo pinned at the crown and parted in the middle.
Courtesy of Black Hairstyles.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Flat Twists with Micro Twists

Here is a natural hairstyle that seems to have it all: twists, bun, and ornamentation.
Hairstyle by Khamit Kinks in Brooklyn, NY
Headpiece by BeauloniStyle.com.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

2 Braids Across Face

This is a really cute fun and easy way to keep the bangs out of her eyes.
                                    Make the first french braid across the front of her face.
Make a parallel french braid along the lines of the first one.  Shown Below
                                                                 Simple easy and your done.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Toddler 2 Ponytails

Because of our age and the length of her hair we haven't been too creative lately with her. 
So here is one of the few changes in her hairstyle lately. 
We made a zig zag part and then put her hair into 2 ponytails.  This turned out to be adorable.  It is few and far between that I can convince her to have more than 1 elastic.  I hope this phase passes soon, but until then I will keep trying to convince her of new styles. 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Braid Fun

This is another really cute and fast hairstyle. 
When finished you will have a total of 4 braids.  I started on her right side just above her ear.  I made a small part as shown below.
 Then I made a simple braid I made a 2nd braid just above that one as shown below.  Make sure you braid all the way to the end.
                             Do the same to the other side.  Shown below is the left side of her head.
 Then pull all 4 braids to the center, back of her head.

Below is the side view.
This style is so quick you can do it in under 5 minutes.  For those days you need a really quick style.