Sunday, October 30, 2011

Contact Lenses Reviews

I finally got some contact lenses. I have never tried contacts lenses before and was super excited. I picked the most natural kind that I could find (you know me, I'm a natural kind of gal!)

I got them from They have a huge collection of contacts lenses as well as lashes and BB cream. Their tag link is "your eye make-up one-stop online beauty store"

They also gave me a coupon code, Use the code - 
and receive a cute animal lens case and free gift.
What I received: Animal contact lenses case (little orange piggy) Cute free gift (velcro hair grips)  The contacts wrapped up.

I didn't get these as prescription lenses even though I wear glasses I would only get my prescription at my opticians. 
Caution Notes:
You are best advised to consult your eye doctor before wearing any contact lens. It is your responsibilities to minimize the risk of wearing lenses. Kindly please read the wear & care guide carefully to ensure proper handling of lenses (which is provided in the website). The rule of thumb for your eye safety is, if you experience any discomfort, please remove the lens immediately.

Its important to use multi-purpose solution to clean the lens case and lenses for before use. 

I love how natural these look, Totally different! Sinead xx

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Giveaway!! Bruce's Babe's Butter Products

It's Giveaway Time!!

Regina, the owner of Bruce's Babe's Butter has generously offered 1 of our fans a full size Hair & Body Butter, and Shake 'N Shampoo. I have been using both of these products on Keyanna for the past few weeks and we love them! You can check out the full review we did HERE.

HUGE thanks to Regina for sponsoring this giveaway!

You can purchase your own Bruce's Babe's Butter products HERE
Bruce's Babe's Butter also offers their products in sample sizes that can be purchased for $1.00-1.50 each

Click read more to load the entry form

Friday, October 21, 2011

Mascara Review!

Okay ladies I want you to pick which lashes look the best 1 or 2????

I am trying Maybelline - one by one mascara and Maybelline - the colossal cat eye mascara. 

Maybelline - one by one mascara - "Eye Catching volume in one clean sweep! The Lash Catcher Brush has 300 bristles - that's up to 3 bristles per lash. The Lash Catcher brush catches, coats and de-clumps your lashes." (Superdrug Website) No 2.

Maybelline - the colossal cat eye mascara -  "Full volume, flared corners, fiercely colossal just one stroke! Discover Maybelline's new Volum' Express Colossal Cat Eyes mascara.
The new feline applicator stylises lashes to a full fan of wild volume – it’s savagely sexy! Fills out lashes up to 9x the volume, with fabulous cat-like corners instantly. Only our lush collagen-enriched formula creates Colossal feline volume in one stroke. The result? Our sexiest, most savage colossal look: The Feline Flares! It’s wild!" (Superdrug Website) No 1.

Personally I like the look of number 2. Its even and more define ;)
The funny thing is the colossal (yellow) is a volume mascara but it actually gives just way more length then anything else. However it clumpy and wet and I actually hate it, very annoyed because I love "One by One" and I am running low on it and I just wasted my money on the new colossal.
The one by one (red) defines the lashes with a totally natural look, its waterproof even in the shower (seriously) and I love using it!

To use it up I use the yellow and then the red to de-clump and volumize the lashes!

I would love to hear what you think though, so comment below with which one you like, 
                                                                                                                                  Sinead xx

Throwback: Messy Piggies

These pics are from before our hair styling days.. when i really had no clue what i was doing when it came to her hair. Honestly, I could hardly get a brush through it. Her hair is thin which I think makes it tangle so easily. She was rockin’ messy pigtails daily and I was cutting knots out of her hair nightly.  

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Please Vote! Beauty Awards 2011

So if you watched my What's in my handbag + Awards! video then you will know what I am talking about! 

I would love if you would vote for me - "Themakeupchair" 
as your favourite beauty video blog.

Its on the second page, here is an example of how to vote, because I know some of you found it confusing.

Thank you so much if you have already voted! 

Don't forget you can vote as many times as you want, and for as many brand and products too!


Vote kindof looks like Love mixed around, Show some Love and Vote please :) - Sineadycady

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Hair!!

Dark to Light Brown at last! 

So for the longest time I have wanted lighter hair. I have tried lots of light brown shades but they have always made my hair even darker. (Home dying is a pain but I can't be bothered with salons) 
So I had no choice but to use a blonde hair dye to get the golden brown shade that I have always wanted. 

Nice&Easy Perfect 10

I am not denying it was a risk but luckily it worked out! Super happy with the way it turned out, I actually wouldn’t mind going even lighter one day (we’ll see)

What I used: Nice&Easy Perfect 10 Medium Golden Blonde 8G. 
(I had to use two boxes because I have too much hair!)

I was lucky is didn't turn orange but I picked the darkest of the blonde shades, I did this once before a few years ago and it went orange which totally washed me out, so be warned home dying is tricky! 



  Love from a slightly                                                                                                                                                                
     Blonder/Ginger Sinead xx


*Follow the instructions carefully.
*Word of warning home dying dark to light can make the hair turn orange so always do a strand test!  

Product Review: Bruce's Babes Butter

Hair & Body Butter

Price: $8.00/2.1oz

Our Review: We have used Bruce’s Babes Hair & Body Butter for quite a few styles and I always love the results we get, especially for braid outs. This butter has a firm consistency but softens up with heat, I usually just take a little and rub it between my palms and it’s easy to distribute throughout the hair. It has great hold, it definitely does its job keeping Keyanna’s fly aways down and her braids seem to last longer. Her hair is always soft and moisturized when we take down a style after using the butter and the braid out’s we have attempted have always been a success.  Always very defined. I think this is because of it’s firmer texture, but at the same time it is very light so it doesn’t weigh her hair down or leave it greasy, while other butters we have tried seem to be heavier and have the opposite effect on her hair. We have also used BBB as a body butter on Keyanna’s knees and legs where her skin tends to be dryer and it has worked great, my hands are always very soft after using this product on Keyanna’s hair as well. This is one of our favorite butters and we plan on using it a lot more in the future.

Here is one of the first braid outs we did using BBB Hair and Body Butter.

Shake n’ Shampoo

Price: $8.00/4oz

Our Review: Along with the BBB Hair & Body Butter we also received the Shake n’ Shampoo to try. We really haven’t tried many natural shampoo’s like this, we have been using Herbal Essences Hello Hydration shampoo for the past year or so. I have to admit, after our experience with this shampoo I don’t think we will be going back to the HHHE. I love this stuff! It is extremely moisturizing and doesn’t leave her hair feeling stripped at all like we get with other shampoos. I also use this shampoo on myself and love it just as much as I do for Keyanna. This shampoo is made with oils and tends to separate which is why you need to shake well before applying, and a little goes a long way. I was worried it may leave her hair feeling greasy but it didn’t at all.. Her hair was very soft after drying. Honestly the only thing I don’t like about this shampoo is that we are almost out! Lol. I definitely plan on getting more in the near future, and making it a staple in out hair routine.

You can order your own Bruce's Babes Butter Products HERE 
Or become a fan on Facebook HERE

Disclaimer: These product(s) were provided to me at no cost for the purpose of review, all opinions are my own.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween Style: Cornrowed Spider/Web Design

So a lot of you have probably seen these pics on Beads Braids & Beyond  already, I was so honored when she asked to share our style as photo of the day! 

I did this style on Keyanna at the beginning of October, I though it was fitting since it had a Halloween feel to it, This was my first time doing spider/web braids and I think it was the most intricate style I have ever done. We got tons of compliments and Keyanna insists it’s her new favorite style. 

I’m hoping anyone who plans on trying to copy this style can do it by just looking at our pics and kind of following what we did through them because honestly this style is just too complicated for me to explain and I would probably just confuse you all more if I tried lol. I wil say that I started the style by parting her hair down the middle (from her forehead to the nape of her neck) and braided the left side first, and then did the right side making it as symmetrical as I could.. It is a little off though. I started with the top legs and did the rest of the spider, and then went on to do the web.  For the spiders bodyI actually tied her hair in a knot. I wanted to give it a 3D effect. 

In the first pics I just put the loose hair in 2 side braid pigtails and threw in some ballies, We switched it up a few days later and added some beads. 

Chocolate Hair/Vanilla Care also did a take on our style doing flat rope twists instead of cornrows and it came out gorgeous. She goes into a little more detail on how she did the style so definitely check that out if your having difficulty recreating our style or if you prefer flat rope twists over cornrows.

A few days later we took out the 2 large braids and did some singles with beads instead. She wore her hair this way until we were ready to take it down.

I know a lot of you are probably wondering what that blue and black thing is in her hair so let me just tell you it's a hair wrap. We had put it in a week or so before doing this style so I just worked around it. Anyways, that's a post for another time.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sharmooz Satin Bonnet Review + Giveaway!!

Product Description: Sharmooz satin bonnets will sooth your hairs transition from night to morning. Wake up feeling confident your hair is protected with the sensually soft charmeuse satin. Our contemporary style, satin bonnets are perfect for natural, straight, synthetic (hair extensions), and "curly" hairstyles. Hairstyles Will maintain curls, moisture, and style.

NEW "Stay On" Satin Bonnet For Girls

  • Double Sided Charmeuse satin for durability. 
  • Fits from Ages 3-10
  • Adjustable easy-to-tie method.
  • Protects Hairstyles while they sleep.

Our Review: So a few weeks ago I reviewed the Sharmooz Satin Bonnet for you guys. Just to recap, I LOVED this sleep cap.. but we did have 1 problem, the velcro used to secure the bonnet had gotten caught in Keyannas hair, which was definitely a pain to get out. Well guess what??.. they now make an easy to tie version of this bonnet! I was so excited when I received ours in the mail and couldn't wait to try it out. We had no problem with the bonnet slipping off at night (which has always been our biggest problem with other sleep caps) in fact with the new tie method we can get the bonnet a little tighter and it actually fit better than the velcro version. This bonnet is also reversible and made with the softest Charmeuse satin. We have been searching for the perfect sleep cap since we began doing hair in 2009 and have finally found it! 

By the way, we are big on animal prints so we are loving the pink cheetah design on this bonnet! We loved the zebra one as well. Sharmooz has 10 colors/designs to choose from in all.

Huge thanks to Ann Tillage! the maker of this awesome girls satin bonnet. Ann has generously offered one for a giveaway for our fans! So if you would like to try one for yourself you can enter below. There are no mandatory entries for this giveaway, do one or all to increase your chances of winning.

Click read more to get to the entry form

Hair Carnival! Past Halloween Costumes and Styles

This is our first Hair Carnival that Keyanna and I have participated in and we are so excited! The topic is past Halloween Costumes and styles, unfortunately most of these pics were taken before we started blogging (or even doing hair for that matter) so they are not super fancy or anything like that. But I love looking back through old pics of my baby when she was a baby so this was definitely a fun post to do! Hope you all enjoy it! 

Keyanna’s first Halloween she was 5 months old and went as a bunny, I waited until the absolute LAST second to get her a costume (we literally bought it Halloween morning lol) so needless to say everything was already picked over. This was the last costume they had in her size, I didn’t really care for it but at least it was warm.. Halloween in Portland in usually cold. Obviously we didn’t do anything special with her hair because.. Well, she didn’t have any! These pics are from my old film camera and I was not trying to bust out my scanner so I just took a pic of a page out of her baby book. 

By the way, she hated the hood and wouldn’t wear it lol. 

For her second Halloween she was almost a year and a half and went as a Carebear! We shopped a little earlier that year and when she saw the costume at Walmart she had to have it. And she was so cute in it! Didn’t do anything special with her hair this time either as it was going to be covered by the hood, or so I thought! She still didn,t like wearing hoods so this was the best pic I got. 

For her third Halloween she was about 2 and a half years and went as Tigger (the cutest Tigger I have ever seen if I do say so myself lol). I just tied her hair back into a pony, since yet again it was another hooded costume, but guess what?.. She actually kept the hood on that year! 

Keyanna wore the same costume for her fourth and fifth Halloween, I couldn’t find the pics from the fourth.. They are on a CD around here somewhere but here are a few from the fifth. She went as a witch. 

And finally.. 

Last year Keyanna was 5 years old and went as a ROCKSTAR! Her favorite costume so far. She even sang Hannah Montana/Camp Rock songs at peoples doors while she was trick or treating lol. And for once we had a warm Halloween. I made her tutu for the costume and just put an iron on transfer on the top to make it sparkle. This costume was easy to make and hardly cost us anything. For her hair I did a braided Mohawk, the product I used ended up being way too heavy for her hair and just weighed the top part down, but I didn’t have any time to fix it before we went out that night.  

And here's a bonus pic i just couldn't resist posting. Keyanna at a year and a half wearing her uncles mask. 

What will Keyanna be for Halloween this year??? Check out our next hair carnival at the beginning of November to find out!


Sinead: Shade 03, Treena: Diva Red, Sinead: Shade 01                                                                                                

Kate Moss is celebrating her 10 years as a Rimmel Model by creating a line of long lasting lipstick. I only managed to get 3 of the 7 shades but I love the ones I got! These are highly pigmented shades. However I noticed the shades are similar to some of the moisture renew shades only better!

My favourite is the nude shade - 03 Its the perfect nude! I am in LOVE with it! 

Deep Red Shade, very similar to Diva Red.

Gorgeous Nude, Similar to Nude Delight. I LOVE this!

Wearable deep pink, Great for all ages.

I thought this shade would be similar to 05 but its much lighter.

You can compare this to 01 its less pigmented but very similar.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

4 Simple Braids

This is one of those styles when you need something cute and quick.  It takes only a few minutes
Make a small square part and then braid it to the ends. 
Make a 2nd small square part and braid it to the ends. 
Do the exact same thing on the other side.  (I lined my braids across from each other) 
Pull each of the braids back into the center of the back of her head.  You may have to pull the front braids looser so they lay flat.
Secure them with an elastic. 
We then accessorized with the latest fad that we call hair streaks.  If you want to make your own here is the link.