Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rockin Bobbie Pins 4th of July

Follow the steps from the link below on how to get the hairstyle done.  The only difference is I pulled her ponytail into a messy bun because of our heat.  The summers are really hot here and she likes her hair up.

The Rockin Bobbie pins and how to make them came from  I love these for accessories.
The picture below is showing how I put them in. 
The top view of her head.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bridal Ringlets

This is an adorable curly style with cascading ringlets set off by a bejeweled hair comb.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Toddler Pull Thru's to Ponytail

This style was so simple and turned out so cute.

I started just above her ear and made a small ponytail then twisted it thru itself.  I then made a 2nd ponytail including the first ponytail and twist it thru itself too.  Do this on both sides of her head. 
On the very top center I made a poof and added the ends from each side. 
A finished side view of her head.

Question #12

Ahas left a new comment on your post "Ringlet Curling Iron":

where did u get it? what is it called?

It is called a Conair Instant Heat Spiral Styler Curling Iron.  I bought my at Walmart I put a link under the picture.

Original Curling Post

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Question #11

A has left a new comment on your post "Sponge Curlers":

i love the look, but where can u get the sponge curlers?

I buy my sponge curlers at stores like Kmart, Walmart, or Target.  They have all sizes but I prefer the larger sponge curlers because they don't make the curls too tight.  I do use the smaller ones on my toddler since her hair is so short.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

French Braid Headband

I started by making 2 very small french braids on each side of her head.  Shown below
Then make a poof in the front middle of her head.
Next I made a fifth french braid that started just above her ear and makes a headband across her head.  *Note when I got to the poof ponytail I left this hair out of the braid because it will make the braid too thick.*
Top view of her head.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Toddler Knot Ribbons

I hope I can explain this hairstyle in a way you can follow. 

First pull the front hair forward.  This is to place the ribbon around her head. Picture below gives a visual.
Once the ribbon is laying across her head you start tying knots.  Because of how thin her hair is I tied the knots across the ribbon and then pulled once side to the opposite knots elastic as shown below.
The picture below shows the knot being pulled to the opposite elastic.
I continued tying them along the front of her head 2 on the very top and 2 on each side.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Question #10

A has left a new comment on your post "Sponge Curlers":

is the hair supposed to be wet or damp when first starting?
I always do sponge curlers with her hair all wet such as just after getting out of the bath tub.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Toddler Poof to Braid

This is a fun and really easy style. 
I started by making a small poof in the front of her head and secure with an elastic.
Then just braid the hair to the end and secure the bottom with an elastic.
I also apologize for the above picture but my little one is just one of a kind and has a mind of her own.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Camping Hair

I just wanted to post this as a FYI.
Every summer my husband takes the kids camping for what they call Fish Camp.  Moms are not invited.  So to help my poor husband who tries to do our daughters hair. I made things really easy.  I took her hair and put it into small braids all over her head. 

I started at the bottom of her head and made small parts then braided them all the way to the ends.  I secured the bottom with little elastics.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Toddler Sides Up

I have done a similar style as this one but now that she has grown all of the hair fits into the ponytails.

Her hair is still so thin that we made a small very front poof.
Then split that hair and pull each side into its own pigtails. 

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Shorty Style

This is a chic and short 'do that would be perfect for a hip, modern bride.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Question #9

Question 9 "left a new comment on your post "Toddler French Braid":

 I have one question. Do you always do your daughters hair for school?
My daughter gets her hair done everyday for school.  I do not however do a new style everyday and we only wash her hair every other day due to the fact she has eczema (which is dry skin patches on her arms and legs). 
The new styles depend on my work schedule and how hard it is to get her out of bed.  During the summer she will get detailed styles on the weekend and during our vacations.  I will make sure to do new hairstyles during these times.

Friday, June 4, 2010

braided rope

I had a duh moment with this. I had my camera sitting next to me & forgot to take pictures - so sorry about the no step by step instructions. You get the after effect.
I started by parting the hair off to the side (a little further than I normally would) then part back to the ear bo make like a box. Twist braid her hair until all hair is included. If you can't remember - you start at the top with 2 strands. You brush the rest of the hair forward (or whatever way you are grabbing the hair from) Start by twisting once & the next time you twist, you grab from the section that is pulled forward. Now, twist again & grab. Going all the way down. Once I got where there is no more hair to grab, I corkscrew twist to the bottom - going as far down as possible.
Add a side pony. Then wrap the twist around it, securing with an elastic & hide it as best you can.
top view
front view: this worked great with long hair but if you have a girlie with short, don't do a side pony, keep half of the hair down & try it.

Long & Wavy

This is a long and wavy style for brides who want to let their hair down.

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Toddler French Braid

Just to let everyone know that my hairstyles will slow down during the summer my hours at work have changed and will not be getting my girls up that early to get their hair done. 
The hairstyles will pick back up when school starts again. 

For this I made a small french braid across the top front of her hair.  Her hair is very thin so making this tight was a bit of a challenge but we got it. 
Once the braid was done I made ringlets in her hair.
I left the squirt bottle in her hand to show some of you another one of my distractions to keep her busy while I do her hair.  She loves to suck the water out.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Locs & Love

This is a gorgeous natural style by Thierry Baptiste.

slanted frenchbraid

If you know how to inside-out french braid, this is a must. So, so easy & just a little twist (or slant:) to make it not look like your traditional french braid.
Start the braid on either side of the head.
Begin inside-out french braiding down the head - making sure it stays on a slant. Pretty hard not to at this point.
Add elastic to secure braid.
Wrap hair around the base of the braid. I secured with an elastic & covered it as much as possible with hair. This seems to hold the best. I also spray it with hairspray as I wrap.
Curl the pony & add a cute bow.
top view
***For those of you who have asked what I put in her hair??? NOTHING!! Honestly. I do her hair when it is damp & only use a tail comb. Spray it with hair spray & use the comb again to smooth everything out. So I guess not nothing - only hairspray. Now - if I am keeping it down we use the Garnier Fructise Curling Gel whether I'm curling it or not. It's just a great scultping gel. I think everyone thinks you need to add all this product but the secret is do it while it's wet. It holds all day & we don't get many flyaways. Especially if I spray it & then comb back again.

Question #8

Question #8

Question about "2 Braids to Updo":

How do you get the braid so tight? My little one is growing her bangs out and we tried this style, it was really cute for about an hour and then all the little hairs started falling out. Any suggestions
A couple of things to try first french braid while the hair is really wet this makes it easier to control the hair. 
When you are braiding make sure you keep pulling the hair tight each time you add more hair.  Also use your thumbs to keep the hair tight to the head this will help keep the braids in and tight.  I love the braid for growing out hair because they seem to stay in place on my little one. 
I am still planning on doing a braiding video so keep watching for it. 

Question #7

Question #7

Question on Updo Fun for HOT Days!":

very cute, I'm 13 and i need to put my hair up like this all the time, but my hair is much to thick for this style not to mention curly. any suggestions?   Some suggestions might be instead of the braids you could do several corn rolls, or twists, or puffy braids with pull through.  As far as your curls I think they would add to this style instead of having to make messy buns you could just leave the curls loose.  I wish my daughter has some curl to her hair it is stick straight.  I hope this helps and I will try and post some ideas.

Question #6

Question #6  on Sponge Curlers
Does her hair actually hold the curl?  Yes, my daughters hair holds the curl all day long.  When I first started putting them in I would put a little bit of gel.

I used to put sponge curlers in my daughter's hair almost every night  but when her hair got longer and thicker, it never dried overnight. I even tried the blow dryer in the morning, but it still doesn't dry all the way through to the bottom of the hair. I've tried several times since then thinking maybe it was just too wet or something, but I still haven't had any luck.   I use to have this problem with my daughters hair too.  I then started using more curlers because of the thickness of her hair the smaller amount of hair still gave her the loose curls and they dried all the way.