Saturday, March 31, 2012

"Into the blue" Look

As we previously wrote, electric blue is one of the "it" colors this season. I feel great wearing accessories in this color (Marella Bag & Zara shoes) and entire look in "blue variations". Preferring lady-like style my Romwe trench-coat was a perfect Spring-refreshment together with HQ Market blouse...all in blue :) 
Although Total-Look is very in, I prefer opening it with some vivid color nails and 1 item in neutral color. For daily outfit, white trousers seemed like a good solution. 

Wish you could see my Marella leather bag crystals sparkling on artificial light. Bling Bling :) One of my favorites and its simply  catching eyes of everyone who see it. Zara shoes are perfectly comfortable with not-so-high heel for long spring days out.

Totally loving my romantic HQ Market blouse in pastel blue prints. Ideal for daily wear, but as the upper part is  not see-through it can go well under blazer for faculty and some business-style for those of you who are working.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Clarisse & Fashion Is My Drug Giveaway III

A big surprise for all the girls who loved previous Clarisse giveaways. There's more free dresses awaiting for few lucky girls.

Look & feel like a prom queen in Clarisse dresses. Not only for your prom night, has dresses for every occasion you want to be the star of the evening.
At there;s a dress for every style and taste, from girly teen and over bombshell to elegant lady looks. You will be the star wherever you appear wearing this glamorous dresses. The winner will choose from three fabulous pieces posted under so we are sure whoever wins will find the outstanding dress matching the best way her style. Good luck dolls!

How to enter the giveaway?

1. Like on Facebook HERE

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4. Leave comment with your name, email and FB name so we can contact you if you win 

The giveaway ends on Thursday, 4th of April. The winner will be chosen by Random Generator. 

Available in fuchsia & yellow

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Best Dresses From Last 10 Years

      When it comes about fashion biggest nights in Hollywood, celebrities have got only one thing on their mind- to be best dressed women of the night. Over the years, the most wanted designers were Versace, Oscar de la Renta, Armani, Gucci, Marchesa and Elie Saab but we've been the witnesses of the raising of some amazing designers as well.

Being the best dressed of the night you need more than dress, you need perfect make-up, heels, clutch and most important attitude. Take a look at these dresses, our choice for the best dresses in last 10 years.

 Charlize Theron was simply outstanding at Academy Awards 2004. She wore sparkles Gucci gown and heels matching Alexander McQueen clutch.She had really expensive Tiffany & Co. jewelry, simple and nature make-up matching Marlyn's hairstyle. She was absolutely brilliant and she deserved award for best dressed of the night.

  A year before Charlize, at the same event Kate Hudson picked up  best reviews for her amazing Versace gown designed by Donatella Versace. Tifanny & Co. jewerly made this issue one of the best from Kate. She really burned Oscars that year, don't you think?

Nowdays Michelle Williams is one of the best dressed women in her job. In 2006, she rocked Academy Awards night in her perfect Versace dress. Important thing is that she was really brave with the colour of the gown and she made this dress glamorous and elegant.

When reporters asked her why did she changed she hair colur night before ceremony she said:" I had a plan. I planed to be most beautiful and stylish person of the night." So, she was honest and she was right. Her Vera Wang purple gown and her clutch were perfect as much as her Tiffany & Co. necklace worth almost 500.00.

We were really supreised when we noticed Olivia Wilde on Emmys 2007. Her gold Zuhair Murad dress left us breathless. She was perfect in every single way. Hair in curls, simple and nature make-up, nude clutch with diamonds..everything

Most of people have to respect fashion rules, but not Tricia Helfer. She wore rec dress on red carpet. She broke rules, but she looked simple outstaning in everyway. Her Tadashi Shoji red gown was brilliant as much as her heels and clutch. She was a star of the night at Emmys 2008.

 When it's about fashion biggest nights in Hollywood Anee is trying to look fashionable and stylish. We love her issues on Oscars 2010 and Golden Globe last year but, this dress blow ours minf. She wore sparkles blue Armani gown and same earings. Also, we love her red lips.

 Is there anything bad that you can say about this women? No! On Oscars 3 years ago she was women of the night. Her Valentino gown was amazing as much as stunning metalic clutch. With this dress messy hair looked more than fabu.

Blake Lively became new ''it'' girl thanks to this amzing Verasce gown. She looked amazing at Met Gala 2009. She matched royal blue dress with gold heels and black rings witch made this combination even better if that is possible. She was adorable, right?

Same year, same event, same designer but another girl and better dress. Actress Jessica Biel sparkled in Versace gown designed just for her. Metalic accessories with red dress were really good choice.We love her attitude and her poses.

Her favourite designer, Oscarde la Renta, really had done perfect jobe. Yes, dress is white but on Sarah it's far away from wedding one. We think that this issue is her best one of all times. Old Hollywood glam hairstyle was amazing, and she made a really good choice not to have any jewelry.

When it comes to Sandra, well, she's not big fashion freak, but for biggest night in her carrier, Oscars 2010, she choice to be best dressed. Metalic Marchesa gown with lace on the top was stunning. Earings and clutch was really good and she made a good choice with red lips.

This women didn't hear for mistake at all. She is always pure perfection. No exeptions in Cannes 2010. Emillio Pucci made this outstanding dress just for Eva and she wore it with damn good attitude. The impostant thing is that Eva in this dres doesn't look  lika a bride.

Angelina Jolie is lover of nude and black dresses. This one in Cannes was really good. Donatella made this dress just for Angie. She macth dress with same colored heels. Old glam Hollywood hair and red lips are really interesant choice for this kind of dress.

Sometimes she was cruel, sometimes boring. And sometimes she was like she is from some fairytale. Cameron blow us with her amzing sparkles Oscar de la Renta gown on the Oscars 2010. Red lips and nails are good choice with amazing earings and stunning hairstyle.

Diana is all about casual combinations. But not all the time. Just look at her dress from last year Golden Globes. Fairytale hair match with breathtaking  J. Mednel dress made us cry for. Tiffany & Co. jewerly maybe was too much but at all this whole choice was stunning.

Green eraings matching white Armani Prive gown, who can wear it and look fabulous and elegant ? We know, Uma Thruman?! We are sure that she left everyone starring at her in this amazing dress witch doen's look like wedding one. Cannes 2011 was hers at all.

 This purple lace Elie Saab Haute Coutre dress made Mila Kunis new Hollywood trendsetter. Every single person at last year Oscars was blown by her attitude and dress. Tiffany & Co. jewerly made this combinations even better if taht is possible.

 After this gala event Ashley Greene became new Haute Coutre queen. On 2011 Met Gala she wore nude- silver Donna Karan qown match with gold DVF clutch and some good effect jewelry. Dress was absolutley amazing and Ashely left us breathless.

Emillio Pucci said that he has never been more proud of his self after 2011 Met Gala event. Beyonce wore his dres witch was making more than 30 days. Beyonce was simply oustanding and on her curvy body this dres look stannning. Dress is enough effect and she made a good choice with no jewerly.

 Oscars 2011 has brought really fab dresses but this one is the most perfect. Halle Berry, queen of red carpet, chose nude Marchesa gown which she matched with her perfect skin tone. Tiffany & Co. ring and earrings left us speechless as well as her attitude and damn sexy walk on the carpet. White details in the bottom of the dress are good choice with same colored jewelry. Good work, Halle, we just love you!

Our advice: If you go on some gala event, you should play on safe. Black or nude gown with some effect earings and some colored heeels and clutch . Dress should be simple with no details. For hair our recomendation is old glam hair, lips should be red or nude and if you wear red lips you shouldn't have any eyeshadows, but if you wear nude lips you should wear smooky colored eyeshadow.

We hope you like our choice of the best dresses in last 10 years and we would love to see any of your critics or suggestions. xoxo

Pastel Spring Look

Welcoming spring with pastel colors , light textures and almost no make-up.
Spent my afternoon out after long week of exams to catch some "sun" energy  for one more work week.
Tried to pull M (other half of FIMD) out of the house with me, but she was to busy with her exams.

Guess we'll have to wait for exams to be over to finally spend some girls-time together.

Sunglasses Givenchy
Vest Uterque
Blouse HQ Market
Belt Hermes
Clutch Dama Handbags
Bracelet & Watch  Folli Follie 

My favorite shoes for this spring - amazing Crisian & McCaffrey from The Box Boutique London 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Trend Report - Decorative Collars

Of many new trends 2012 brought, among our Top Favorites are Collars.
Studded, sequined, printed, embellished they are the new "It" accessory.

The best thing is that you can make them yourself by cutting out from and old shirt, or personalize it directly on the shirt with pearls, sequins or studs for signature style. Before you think you cannot do it, we are telling you YES you can! And it is so easy!

They are your new "necklace substitute" as you can even wear them on bare skin. Brighten up your casual outfits with bold collar and you will make a statement. Wear it on your party outfit instead of jewelry for sexy-chic look.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Romwe & Fashion Is My Drug Giveaway

Hey Fashion addicts,

we decided to make someone's day by organizing a giveaway, this time sponsored by Romwe, a street fashion online shop. I guess all of you have already seen their amazing clothes & accessories or at least heard about them. They are very popular among bloggers and fashionistas because of their beautiful items, great quality and affordable prices.
Romwe is giving one accessory and 40$ freebies, so one lucky winner will choose whatever she likes! Isn't that great?! :)

How to enter the giveaway? 

1. Sign up on Romwe  (It's absolutely free, takes 2 minutes and you get 20% coupon without obligation to buy)

2. Follow Fashion Is My Drug on bloglovin HERE

3. Follow our blog

4. Leave a comment on our blog with the same e-mail address you were using when signing up on Romwe, so we can contact you if you win.

The giveaway ends on 27. March. We will pick one winner using a random generator. Here are some of the items you can win:

Click on a pic to enlarge

or you can simply visit their website and check out all of the items. Good luck everyone!!!

"Share The Love"

Tomorrow I Will Be Uploading My "Share The Love" Winner Video! Yah

However these are some others that also really impressed me :)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nicki Minaj: The New Real Life Barbie

Calling herself Harajuku Barbie, she certainly leaves impression on everyone.

Her eccentric fashion style probably started as Marketing trick to draw attention to her raising career but very fast Nicki managed to evolve from "freak" (how many described her style) to Fashionista, and someone even naming today as fashion icon.

If there's one word we would have to describe her fashion, it would be "BOLD".  Not afraid to experiment, enjoying the way her body is, and not listening to the critics. Even you can hardly imagine yourself going out in the street dressed like NM , there are few amazing advice many should take from Nicki in creating personal style.

Nicki Minaj 2009

She is a big fan of jumpsuits, always glamming them up with colors and accessorizes.  Nicki shows self-confidence proudly wearing her curves but most importantly feeling good in her body .
#Tip No matter how you are, learn to feel good about yourself, stop looking for role models you'd like to be like, but become your own. 

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Sneak peak into my Spring products

Is Spring coming to your homes as well?

Don't know about you but I have perfumes for for every season and in every season daily & night ones. 
This spring I am using little bit of winter ones (like Bvlgari Jasmine Noir & Gucci by Gucci) but also some really light summer ones as Miss Dior Cherie L'eau & Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto. My perfect Spring perfume? Miss Dior Cherie (but that's my favorite one for all seasons LOL). 
Thinking to buy Daisy by Marc Jacobs for this Spring as well. 

For body care ...well ladies, after long winter most of us gained something we want to be "removed". Beside daily exercises I use Clarins Lift-Mineceur Haute Definition and I LOVE IT as is hydrates your skin while removing cellulite deposits. Nothing less better is Dior Body Light, also amazing but beside cellulite areas you can use  it wherever you have a bit of "extra" . I am not finished with my first bottles of each, and I can see that almost everything is gone. I just wish I have made before & after photos because these 2 products really helped and I highly recommend to all ladies who want to get rid of 1-2cm extra. 

Standard bath with Bulgari cosmetics (very difficult to find but somehow I always by supplies in advance in Paris) , and for relaxation Victoria's Secret Strawberries & Champagne Bath & Body cream.  

1. Miss Dior Cherie Perfumed Body Moisturizer 2. Miss Dior Cherie Perfume 3. Miss Dior Cherie L'Eau Perfume 4.Guerlain eyeshadows Ecrin 6  5. Chanel Powder Blush 82 Reflex 6. Chanel Mascara Inimitable Intense 7.Guerlain Natural Hair Brush 8.Chopard Casmir Perfume  9. Bulgari Jasmine Noir Perfume 10. Gucci by Gucci  11.Clarins Sunshine Fragrance 12. Helena Rubinstein Wanted 13.Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Bliss 14. Dior Body Light 15.Burberry The Beat 16. Carolina Herrera Ch 17.Hermes Un Jardin en Mediterranee 18. Victoria's Secret Strawberry & Champagne Body lotion 19. Clarins Lift-Minceur Haute Definition 20. Bulgari  soap 21. Dolce & Gabbana The One 22.Calvin Klein Euphoria Body Lotion 23. Calvin Klein Euphoria Bath & Shower cream 24. Shiseido cover

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Frenchonista & Fashion Is My Drug Giveaway

Hello fashionistas,

We have a new giveaway for you!
One person will win a stylish pink clutch designed by Lavinia for Frenchonista . Frenchonista is a new label of handbags handmade in Morocco launched by Samia Taika.
Paris is the city the where designer SamiaTaika grew up and the city of fashion and elegance, which describes the clutch perfectly
Its simple trendy design is ideal for color blocking & summer. Unlike tiny clutches, in this one you can place all your necessary items and still be stylish.


1. Like Lavinia HERE
2.Follow Fashion Is My Drug on Blogger
3. Follow Fashion Is My  Drug on Bloglovin HERE
4. Leave your comment with name, FB name & email so we can contact you if you win 

Due very high interest for the GA we've made it 2 days longer - It ends on Sunday 18th March 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lana Del Rey: A Girl Who Conquered The World

After the major discovery in the music industry: beautiful Adele, here comes another one who already seems to have a huge influence not only on the music world, but on the fashion industry as well! We are free to say that this girl with a voice of an angel and a body of a sinner is slowly but surely conquering the world as she pushes aside all the pretty faces with no talents. Lana Del Rey is a singer, songwriter and a fashionista, but her style doesn't quite include the dominant fashion scene, and that's actually a good thing!

She's unique in every way: she's not a natural performer or exhibitionist on the scene, which explains the criticism about her Saturday Night Live performance, her songs are far away from mainstream and sweetness we're used to, they represent her own sadness, and her style can be described as "one of a kind" since she is definitely not a trend follower yet looks great in everything she puts on. The dominant look is retro glam of 60s as the bombshell sexuality of Brigitte Bardot apparently had the major impact on this girl's style forming. She's not trying to look like a 90-60-90 Barbie doll: Lana has an elfish beauty of Natalie Portman and Lauren Bacall's rebellious attitude.

People are constantly talking about her edgy lyrics, outrageous behavior, divine voice, gold tooth and perfect lips, which is a great start for a newcomer. Remember that Kim Kardashian had to do much more to get some fame? :)
 She differs from all the girls we've seen before, maybe that's the reason why a number of her fans grows rapidly. Lana is now a cover girl for Vogue UK March issue, which means she definitely made it in a fashion world!