Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Little Loose Today

Since the weather has been getting nicer & she's been wearing summer dresses, it's been fun to do cute little loose updos. We were going to a park & wanted something out of her face & it worked.
Part half the hair down all the way around the crown. Clip the hair up so it's not in the way. With what is down, I parted down the middle to divide the twist braids in 2.

Do your twist braid on each side
Bring the 2 twist braids together in the middle with an elastic, pulling it tight as you add your elastic.
Curl the hair that is left on top. I did very fast curls, knowing that I was pulling it all back.
After curling, I pinned the bangs back with bobby pins & then loosly pulled the rest into a ponytail, including the pony from the twist braids. Don't pull thru all the way & let the curl hang over the pony.

Add a cute flower underneath the hair, instead of on top (i feel like I'm always putting them on top, it's a nice little change)
Spray to hold & there you have your loose pony.

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