Monday, May 24, 2010

Updo Fun for HOT Days!

I apologize for the lack of posts we have been out of town for the last week.  We played as a family all last week in the warm sun at the lake here is one of the hairstyles.  As I have mentioned before my daughter hates to have her hair down when its hot.

I started by making 2 french braids up her hair starting from the bottom of her head (as shown below)

Then I took a small amount of hair and pulled it just above her ear (this was to keep her bangs out of her face).  I left a small amount of hair just above her hair along the face line.  This will be used to cover the elastic. (see picture below.)
Pull all the remaining hair except the small amount of hair along the hair line into a ponytail.
Shown below is the hair left out of the ponytail temporarily.

Take the remaining hair and pull it across the elastic and secure it around the ponytail.
Then make a messy bun with all the hair. 

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