Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rockin Bobbie Pins Fancy Uphair

This is a fancy up style that we did for church.
Make a far lateral part and pull it towards her ear.  Secure with an elastic.  As shown below leave a small amount of hair out of the elastic along the face line.
On the opposite side make a part down to the ear and pull that hair forward out of the way as shown below.  Then put a ribbon along the part line.  Tie the ribbon together at the base if her head.
Make a part from ear to ear and pull it out of the way. 
Now take the hair you left out of the elastic and the hair in front of the ribbon and pull it to the center of her head and secure with an elastic.
Below is a side view of the hair over the ribbon.  I pull both sides back into this elastic to keep the ribbon in place.   If your daughter has fine hair then when pulling this hair back make a twist over the ribbon and if all else fells use a small bobby pin under the twist and over the ribbon.  This also helps keep the ribbon in place.
Make a messy bun with all the hair.
I made some fancy Rockin Bobbie Pins and pushed them into the messy bun.

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