Monday, January 10, 2011

Toddler Ringlets from Straightening Iron

This is my toddler's wild hair and I must say this is pretty mild compared to what it usually looks like when she wakes up.
So we went from the above picture to the one below in a matter of minutes with help from the straightening iron. 
 To give you an idea of her hair it is very thin and straggly.  The picture below is what we have to work with.

I start at the bottom of her hair and I work in layers, so I pull the rest of the hair in a clip out of the way.  Her hair has so many colic's in it that we change the curls directions depending on the way her hair naturally lays. 

I don't use the straightening iron the typical way of curling with it.  I slowly wrap the hair starting at the base of her head around and downward to the ends of her hair.  (if this is not clear please let me know)
I finish curling her whole head.

On this style I just pulled a small amount of bangs back out of her face. (she only lets me use 1 elastic)

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