Thursday, April 26, 2012

Trending: Arm Party

The phrase Arm party stands for stacking a bunch of different bracelets on the same arm and it's one of the biggest accessory trends this year. What's cooler than accessorizing your outfit with fun, colorful bangles and bracelets without worries that someone could find it "too much"? It gives your look a playful edge and no matter how many beauties you piled on your wrist, it will never look tacky (well, at least not this year).

There are no rules that apply on this trend, you just need a little bit of creativity to get this party started. Mix leather with DIY fabric bracelets, pastels with neon colors, gold with silver metals...Forget about "Less is more" and put one more bracelet on! Add a watch and you're throwing a fashion party of the year!

Many celebs have already shown their originality with big stacks of bracelets and bangles: Olivia Palermo, J.Lo and Rihanna decided to go for a combo of gold and silver metals, Selena Gomez and Heidi Klum incorporated some colorful ones. Cassie's pick is ghetto chic while Vicky Beckham toned down her outfit with 3 simple black bracelets.


If you're a fan of metal rings, get two or three that will match your bracelet pile and add them as a final touch to your ensemble. The more, the better!

Our personal favorites are metal and leather bracelets that suit almost every outfit. Whether your style is boho, elegant, preppy or casual, these ones are a must-have in your jewelry box!

Black & Brown London can be worn as belts too!

Coal N Terry Vintage bangle is very light and will match any outfit



Unique Vintage


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