Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm so sorry I haven't posted or been answering people's questions. Life is just crazy & my little girlie started preschool this week where she is gone Mon - Thurs 11-4. So hopefully with her being gone during the day I'll find time to post more often. I will try & answer your questions & emails this week too for those who have left them.

Here's todays post:

I started by putting elastics around the top of the crown - making sure not to go down too far because you will be adding some elastics underneath this. If your girly has thinner hair, do all of it up - instead of half up/half down. My girl's hair would be too thick to do this.
Do a row right below.
Next, start on one side & twist over your hair around each other (like shown in previous posts - scroll down til you see how to). Stop once you get to the middle one & do the other side, stopping in the middle once again.
Here's what it looks like once you've twisted both sides.
Pull all into a pony tail (half up pony tail:)

I just did a flower bun to finish the pony tail off but you could do whatever you wanted. I have people ask if I would show how to do a flower bun - if you click on "buns" on the label list to the right & scroll down until you see flower bun & the directions are there. I just quickly curled what was down.
I tied a bow & stuck it onto a bobby pin & just slipped it into the hair.
Front view - her silly face
& that's it!! BTW have any of you guys seen the little bobby pins they sell at good ol' Wal-Mart now. LOVE them - they are little, perfect for my little girl & are tight!! Go check them out - right next to where the other bobby pins are.

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