Sunday, September 13, 2009

time for another short one

I was watching my cousins little girl the other day - cutest thing ever - but her dad brought her over & had just pulled her hair into a loose ponytail that was falling out (loved that he tried) so of course I jumped at the chance to do something fun with her hair. I'm sure I have posted this with my own girlie's hair because I am often doing these cute head bands (except ours usually goes into a side pony) they are just SO super fast & too cute!
Section the hair that you want included in your headband. Secure the rest back with an elastic so you don't add it.
Start from either side & make your way to the opposite side, spacing them evenly.
When you get to the very last one on the END, you don't want to include the headband in this. You want it's own little piggie. Because you bring it back to the existing headband & add it to it - because this is where it ends.
This is what it looks like once you take that last piece & add it back to the headband (not sure she's too happy about getting a picture yet)
I didn't get the best of shots of after - but it was DARLING!! I roundbrushed it to give it volume & then took a curling iron very quickly to the ends of her hair & curled the pony on top. Add a cute bow & it's just too cute. This seriously was a very fast do for us - even with the blowdrying part. & it can be done on long hair also.

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