Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hooray for spring!! I love this time of year & the beautiful weather with all the blooming flowers. But it looks like it's not going to last for long because we are getting some rain this week. Of course over Easter weekend. Here's my new post:

These braids are SO easy & you can really end the hair any way you want. We wore it like this on Sunday but kept it all down, or you could do 2 pig tails or you could do half up half down. So many ways. This was the fastest way for me today

Part your hair on the regular parted side. Start a braid by sectioning off just a small section at the front of the head (off the part)
Start a 3 piece braid, then add ONLY a piece from the top & add to the braid. Everytime you get back to that part - add JUST from the top.
Here's what it looks like: Add an elastic at the base of the braid. On Sunday, I kept braiding (without taking any pieces - regular old braid to finish it) & brought all braids together but do what ever is easiest/fastest for you.
Get your next section just right near the first braid & do the same thing. You will notice you won't have to braid as far because you are starting back just a tinch further back.
I did it 3 times on this side. You can see my spacing isn't the best - so maybe space yours a little better.
Same thing on the other side - only doing 2 braids since there's not as much room on that side of part. Then I brought all the hair together to a side pony & pulled it into a bun.
Spray to hold, add a bow & you are finished. My bow is from Kyla's Kreations. Check her site out if you are looking for some new, fun bows. Her link is on the right under my lists. Again, like I said - you can finish this however you want. I wanted to leave it down & curl her hair but it was not in our time - but that's what is great you can always modify!!

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