Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Remember THIS -- well that is one of our favorite hairdos to do in our home but sometimes we like to change it up a bit - so here's a little modification to the zig-zag braids:
Start by parting the hair right down the middle. Add 2 small piggies at the top of the hair & braid only one side & take it over to the other & add elastic.
Mimmick what you did up top on the bottom section:
No make your piggies & don't add any of the braids just yet
Braid the bottom piece & cross over to the opposite piggie & add elastic
Do the same thing with the top piggies & cross over to add to the opposite pigtail.
Now you have 2 pigtails that you can curl, leave straight, braid or do messy buns. So many fun options - you decide!!

(sorry we did have a front view - but she was trying to be a model in every picture & it just wasn't happening - next time:) & sorry to those who I haven't responded to their emails - I'll get there - I'm just getting a bazillion a day - so I'm getting there. My apologies!!

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