Saturday, June 6, 2009

a fun summer do

Because you do have to braid each pony tail, this does take a little longer. So if you want it to be quicker, I would just do one row of the twisted braids. But it's super cute & I have to admit - I've NEVER had my girlie sleep in a hair do & wake up the next morning to wear the same thing - but she woke up this morning with the braids still in tip top shape so we just redid the pony tail parts (& curled them instead of braided them & pulled them up) & it looks just as cute as yesterday - so since this took a little longer - I was excited she could wear it 2 days in a row!!
Start by doing 4 piggies right in the front (sorry -can't see the 4th piggie)
Braid each one. The middle 2 though - you are going to divide in half & braid 2 out of one piggie. The far 2 side though, just get one braid out of it.
Do another row of piggies directly behind the first. If I was going to do this again, I would put all my piggies up first then go back & braid.
This is the easiest thing ever. I've done it before with the pony's straight but the braid just adds that much more to it. So grab 2 braids that are right next to each & go right over left (just like you are tying a lace) & pull.
This is what it looks like. So now I want to add them to the piggies that are already there. The best way to do this is by pinning one side so you can work one side at a time without the other wriggling around everywhere. Do ALL of your braids just like that. 2 of your piggies will have 2 braids to it since you split the middle down. You will see once you get going.
If you feel like that took you too much time - stop there & keep the hair down or whatever you feel would look cute. But if your feeling ambitious - do another row. It's totally worth it - it just looks too cute not to. You do the exact same thing you did with the first row.

You could probably even go one more row but I stopped there. Braid each piggie now.
Pull them up so that loop & secure with an elastic. Then I curled over the hair so that it was curling over the piggies. I had some ribbon but I thought it started to look like way too much going on. So we kept it without bows or ribbons in her hair today.
Super cute, right? LOVED it.
All you need to know is how to braid for this & you've got it!

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