Wednesday, June 17, 2009

going 4th of July style today...a star

Since the 4th is coming up in the next few weeks - thought it would be fun to do things they can wear for that day.

Start by parting the hair straight down the middle. About 1/3 of the way down go off the part down to the ear. This is what the top of the star goes off of.
I sectioned this into a triangle & clipped the rest of the hair back. What was in my triangle, we added to make the first part of the star. Make sure you don't have it going straight down but on an angle.
Now, the hair that was left out of the triangle is going to be added to the side of the star. So turn the puff braid so it is going toward the ear now & add the hair from the top of the head.
Section your next triangle, not going quite half way & start adding your next row of elastics, going toward the ear, once again. Once you get to the end, bring the 2 ends together into a pony tail.
Next, I parted the rest of the hair straight down the middle. With this, you have to make 2 more triangles to make the bottom part of the star. & bring them together into a pony tail just like the last pony tail.
Mirror on the other side.
Add some fun ribbons
Curl the pony tails that are left out.
& there you have your fun 4th of July style.

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