Monday, June 29, 2009

little firecracker

I know. I know - another 4th of July style. I'm sure you are probably all so sick of seeing these but they have been so much fun to do. But thankfully for you, this will probably be the last one since we will be leaving here in the next day or 2 for the holiday.
First - I know you have all seen these. I was at the dollar store the other day & thought I have to get those - they would be perfect coming out of my girlie's hair. This is what you see on the top of the hair.
We started by doing our 2 pigtails with a zig zag part.

Next, add 2 different ribbons into the elastic. You are going to split the hair in half to do your corkscrew twist so you want one ribbon for each half.
Go ahead with your corkscrew twist.
Pull it back up & secure with an elastic. With the ribbon that was left hanging out, I just tied together in a bow.
As I was blow drying just the ends of her hair, I wrapped the ends around my fingers while the heat was on it to give it the curled over effect - so it looks like your firework. If your girlie's hair is a little more straight & doesn't want to cooperate, then pull out the curling iron & curl those ends over the pigtails. Spray to hold.
Clipped off a few pieces from the fireworks we got at the dollar store & just stuck them in all around the piggies enough so they would stay & not fall out. It's perfect because you can choose how many you want in there or how long or short you want them.
Super simple & there's your little firework girl!!
top view:
our front view:

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