Tuesday, June 16, 2009

short hairstyle

I often get emails or comments that they wish their daughter's hair was longer or thicker or not so much in the mullet. Most everything I post - you can do on anyone - although some things you may have to simplify. I watched my little niece the other day & she did not want her mom to do her hair but when she was over, I asked if I could do it & she said yes. I thought it was a good chance to show a little girl with short hair & something fun you could do with it.
First, I wanted to show you what I was working with.
I started by parting her hair on a side slant. Going off of that slant, I sectioned the top half into piggies (scroll up to the top picture to see how I parted going off the side slant part)
Now go back & decide what side you want to start on & begin to make piggies directly underneath the first row of piggies. As you go along, cross over the top piggie, doing this all the way across.
When you get to the end, just bring the ends both together to make your side piggie. We didn't pull her hair all the way thru but then pulled strands just to give it a messier look.
Here's the front view. She would not smile normal so you get the pirate eye.

So now here's how my girlie's hair ended up being with this same style:
We did the exact same steps as I described but added a little "twist" to it. As you cross over each piggie, just twist over each other & pin one side while you are securing the other with an elastic.

Don't mind the very ornery face (she wanted to turn the camera on by herself so I don't get a smile) We left the pony tail down instead of pulling it into a messy bun & curled. Super easy - but a little different than the first!!

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