Friday, June 26, 2009

another short style

My niece slept over the other night & the girls wanted twinner hair (is twinner a word?). My little niece's hair isn't long & it's very thin - so I was thinking what can I do for both of them with their hair up & out of their way - since they were on their way to gymnastics.
Here gives you an idea about how long her hair is:
We started from the bottom, making our way up. Just add 2 elastics. On short hair, this works AWESOME because it keeps the hair up all day long, instead of little whispies falling down & having to clip them up.
Do your next row & adding 3 elastics & dividing the first row of hair to go into each of the 2nd row of elastics.
Now pull the rest of the hair into 2 piggies. Make sure to remember to include the hair from the 2nd row, as shown. Once you have your 2 piggies in, do a tuck under knot or whatever you call it - & so the hair is flipped on top of the pony.
Curl the piggies
& you are finished!! If you were ambitious - you could do one more row of elastics before adding your piggies but since I had 2 girls hair to do - we didn't because of time.
So here's the long version. This is my girlie. The only difference that we did was with each elastic, we did a tuck under knot with it.
Here are the 2 little girlies together (of course the onery one is mine:) Same style - but looks different because of the length of the hair.
view from the back:

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