Monday, August 22, 2011


A few weeks ago we took a trip to the zoo, it was especially hot that day so I wanted her hair up off of her neck and back to help keep her cool. I decided to use the style she already had in (Alicia Keys Inspired) add a few more cornrows, attempt to do a spiral cornrow, and finish it off with some braided pigtails. 

Time: 1 hr. 
Products used: BeeMine Luscious Moisturizer, BeeMine Bee Hold Curly Butter 

  1. I started by parting her hair ear to ear, then making a diagonal part to do the first cornrow. 

  2. I rotated doing a straight back cornrow and a crisscross cornrow. Using the leftover hair at the top of her head, I did a triangle shaped spiral cornrow. 

  3. I then parted her loose hair in the back straight down the middle and gathered it into 2 pigtails, I did about 15-20 hanging braids on each pigtail, added beads and barrettes, and I was done!

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