Monday, August 22, 2011


Last week I decided to do mini braids on Keyanna, I LOVE THEM! They do take a while to do, but last a while if they are taken care of and are very versatile so you can switch up the style as often as you like (I’ll be posting up some of the styles we did over the next few days). I did Keys mini braids over the course of 2 days, Keyannas hair is not super thick so it may take you longer if your childs hair is thicker/longer. 

Time: 4.5 hrs 
Products Used: BeeMine Luscious Moisturizer, BeeMine Bee Hold Curly Butter 

For this style I simply started at the nape of her neck parting small squares, adding BeeMine Bee Hold Curly Butter and braiding each 1,  I went from left to right and moved up her head as I finished each row. I continued this until her whole head was braided. 

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